Floating Factory

Welcome to Floating Factory. So much to see, and do. Look around, put your feet up, stay awhile ...what? ...leaving already? But you just got here.

Domains we own and for which we once had grand plans:

Adjudicator DiceBot. Or, for you bots, Adjudicator Dice Bot.
Dice rolling & D&D character creation bot.
Initiative tracking and combat management for Dungeons & Dragons.
hacker brats
Programming for kids, because I have a lot of them and they need the work.
In the grocery space. Which I believe is somewhere near the Oort Cloud.
game insects
Got this one almost working than moved on to greener pastures. So sad.
OK. This one is up and running. A painful, shameful shadow of its former self... it helps keep us humble.
Nothing here. But we do like the logo. Hey! Where did our logo go. Crikey! Someone stole it right from the page. Or maybe we failed to copy when we moved servers. I vote for theft over incompetence.
Sociable inSects
we like the name. No one else seems to. We seem to have a thing for 'insects' in our site names. Maybe because the way we mumble it, it sounds lascivious. And we are all 10 year old boys around here.
Now Repeat
A quickie. Maybe more here later.
So much to say. So little time. Or, so little to say. So much time. One of those. Plus "ants".
Slight Words
A Win phone 7 flash card app for kids. Why? Because we don't know Objective C or Java.
Friends and Rivals
A social game. Maybe. After I get me and what army on it.
A Penny to My Name
Something to do with kids and money. Half begun is half done. And so it shall stay. So dead I even let the domain lapse.

We have more, much more, but they are in stealth mode. We don't even talk about them inside our own heads. However, you can go to our Projects page and see the "many" side projects on which we are currently not working but have bothered to put online. Someday... someday. Turns out, even putting them online is too bothersome. But trust us, the royal we have many, many such projects.

Come visit my store on CafePress! Why? No good reason at all. Must everything have a reason?

Adjudicator DiceBot

Roll some dice, Create a character... and so much more. Not really, just those two things.

Most of these are in c# with MVC.net, running on Win Server 2008, IIS 7.+ and SQL 2008+. A few blogs on the site (e.g.) are using wordpress and php / mysql which we also installed on Win server and IIS, we don't really know how we got them working and we don't think we could repeat the process so we ignore them. But in a fond, distant parent sort of way.